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The briefing’s tailored content is developed with and for attending members. The day will also include B2B meetings between parties and a site visit will take place on the second day to provide better insight into current projects in the port and rail sector in the Tema area.

This initiative is a platform for high level business meetings and a place to share experiences and identify trends that affect the transport sector in Ghana. The Transport Evolution team is committed to providing a unique and intimate space for participants to discuss potential partnerships and share best practice. The learning aspect indeed challenges decision-makers to look at problems innovatively with a collective approach.

Why attend?

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LEARN how to navigate the local tender process

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GAIN critical insight into how to be part of the development of Ghana’s port and rail infrastructure

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VISIT transport project sites and gain insight into the port and rail projects underway

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BUILD relationships with Ghana’s transport decision-makers

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CREATE dialogue among government and policy decision-makers

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PROMOTE and strengthen public and private partnerships and joint ventures

Who should attend?


  • Coastal services
  • Consultants to assist with expansion projects
  • Data management
  • Debt funders
  • Development finance institutions
  • Impact investors
  • Institutional investors
  • Locomotive
  • Providers of cruise and passenger terminal facilities
  • Rolling stock for standard gauge railway
  • Signaling technology

With the following job titles:

  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Head of Infrastructure Systems
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Head of Financial Resource Management
  • Chief Technology and Operations Officer
  • Head of Human Capital
  • Head of Technology Planning
  • Digital Solutions Executive
  • Chief Automation Officer
  • Coastal Service Consultant
  • Expansion Projecct Consultant
  • Passenger Terminal Service Providers
APE ARE Ghana brochure 270220-2-pdf

Ghana offers many attractions to the foreign investor

A stable political climate with smooth transition of government over the years

A sound macroeconomic policy designed to accelerate the process of growth and transformation in the economy under competitive conditions

Fast development financial infrastructure – over 30 banks, insurance and brokerage firms, and a stock exchange that allows companies to raise long-term capital at low cost