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Two exclusive, expert-led site visits will take place in Ghana’s Tema area. Nicknamed the Harbour City, Tema is located 25km east from the capital city of Accra and is the eleventh most populous settlement in Ghana. The full day tour will provide an interactive experience and valuable insight into the work underway at the following project sites:

Your package will include the two site visits, hosted by Ghana Railway Development Authority and Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority





Site Visit: Tema-Mpakadan Railway

Hosted by Ghana Railway Development Authority


Lunch | Networking

Hosted by Ghana Railway Development Authority


Site Visit: Tema Port Expansion Project

Hosted by Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority


Dinner | Cultural Experience

Tema-Mpakadan Railway Project

Set to be completed a year ahead of schedule in June 2020, the 97km railway line stretching from Tema to Mpakadan costed US$230 million. Ghana Railway Development Authority have identified not only the need for investors, but also companies that provide rolling stocks, locomotives, signaling technology and more.

Ghana’s railway projects are expected to ultimately result in a shift of bulk cargo from road to rail and contribute to
a reduction in the region’s logistics costs. Hosted by Ghana Railway Development Authority will also host a lunch after the morning’s site visit.


Tema Port Expansion Project

Tema Port is the largest of the two seaports in Ghana and apart from handling Ghanaian imports and exports, it is also a traffic junction dealing with transit cargo destined for the landlocked countries of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. The port of Tema handles 80% of Ghana’s import and export cargo and is operated by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority who will be hosting the half day site visit.

The container terminal at the Port of Tema is one of Ghana’s most successful examples of PPPs and often cited as an example that shows how partnerships can operate. The second phase of the expansion works is progressing steadily, with the handing over of the waterfront of the third new berth. The new stretch of waterfront is being delivered ahead of the scheduled completion date in June 2020, in time for the attending delegation.

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